Commercial Glazing Construction Defect Experts:
Curtain Wall, Storefront, and Sloped Glazing Systems    
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Who Are We?

Fenestration Testing Laboratory
has been in business for over 20 years, and with thousands of product tests, forensic investigations, depositions, and expert testimony conducted by our consultants over the years, we understand commercial product systems, building envelope design, and the expert litigation process in and out. Our experts thrive at assessing your project and getting to the bottom of a construction defect claim.  We take a scientific approach to our visual inspections, tests, and forensic investigations that yield results for our clients.
Storefront Expert WitnessWhat Do We Do?
We specialize is fenestration products as well as the surrounding building envelope, and with a wealth of knowledge at our disposal from our highly regarded staff, we can help 
you to determine what is and isn't working on your job in regards to: proper waterproofing techniques, flashing procedures, product installation, product performance, sealant application, and appropriate product to wall system integration.  

Sloped Glazing Expert WitnessWhat Are Our Rates?
For a list of our service fees and/or to hire our consultants, don't hesitate to get in touch with our main office by phone or email.  For a quick response 

please fill out our In
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